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11 June 2020From Downton to Gatsby: jewellery and fashion, 1890-1929
16 July 2020Fakes or Fortunes (or have I discovered a Constable in my attic?)
17 September 2020The Art of 1935
15 October 2020Lawrence of Arabia: excavating a legend
19 November 2020Charles Dickens : the man and his life through his characters
10 December 2020‘I was excessively delighted’ : Young Victoria’s watercolours and diaries showing delights in the arts.

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From Downton to Gatsby: jewellery and fashion, 1890-1929 Andrew Prince Thursday 11 June 2020

For Downton Abbey, Andrew produced many jewels for the main characters. This talk is based on Downton and the changing styles of the time, when great fashion houses collaborated with jewellers to produce works of art of outstanding quality and glittering opulence.